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Emails. I get a lot of them.

And I love emails. Really. They keep me in touch with the families and educators I work with. They allow me to solve problems. They invite me to speak at events. They contain workshop registrations. They motivate me to keep going, signalling that I am making a difference in children’s lives.

I also loathe emails. They come with a sense of urgency. They demand time that I often don’t have. More often than not, they make me feel overwhelmed. Especially the long ones.

There I said it. I have a love/hate relationship with my inbox. Emails are crucial to my business. Yet my inbox can consume me, eating into the time I have to write, speak and be a present mum. If I let it.

Barriers have become essential. I don’t access emails on my phone, only on my desktop. And even then, only when I have time available to reply (OK, this one’s taking a little more practice).

Because in order to remain sane, to live a life that’s in line with my values (most of the time), emails can’t be my number one.

Sometimes you need an answer quickly. Sometimes you don’t have a week to wait for a reply. I get that. So here I’m answering the questions that are asked most often via email.

Where can I learn more about children’s reflexes?

The best starting place is my free eBook. Beyond that, you may like to look into books written by Sally Goddard Blythe (my learning journey started in her pages). Switched on Kids by Dorte Bladt is also brilliant and discusses many components of child development, including primitive reflexes.

How can I be a guest on your podcast?

Send me an email, sharing the child development topic you’d like to record a conversation about. If you have examples of yourself speaking, such as another podcast episode or a video, include that too. I’ll be in touch if I think we’re a good fit.

How do I book in a consult for my child?

Due to a part time teaching role in 2018, I’m not offering consulting with new families right now. This blog post will link you to other consultants.

How do I book into a workshop?

I use Eventbrite for workshop registration and payments. Click on this link and search for ‘Thriving Children Workshop’. Then select the specific event you want to book into.

Alternatively you can find the event you’re seeking on the events page of my website, and within the listing is the Eventbrite booking link.

If a site is paying and requires an invoice instead, please get in touch to register that way.

I’m not an educator but want to come to the Thriving Children Workshop. Am I welcome?

The training has been designed for educators, however a handful of parents, chiropractors, occupational therapists and speech pathologists have come in the past and have found the information and tools beneficial. So the short answer is yes, so long as you’re comfortable being in the minority.

You don’t have any workshops near me. Do you travel?

With a minimum of ten participants, I’m happy to schedule workshops Australia wide. I do however, need a contact person on the ground, to help promote the event locally.

Do you speak at parent workshops? How much do you charge?

I offer parent workshops at schools, kindergartens and child care centres across Adelaide. A presentation is $350 and runs for 60-90 minutes. My speaker website is a great place to get more information about the topics that I offer.

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