Turning a Blind Eye-What We REALLY Feeding Our Children?

What we feed our children matters. When it comes to the human body, input equals output. If we want to perform at our best, we need to fuel ourselves well. If we put rubbish in, we get rubbish out. Make sense? Of course it does!

Yet for the sake of convenience, many children are filling their bellies with food that is nutritionally void. Food that comes from a packet. Food that the body doesn’t even recognise as food. Food with harmful additives. Frankenfood!

How can we as a society be content feeding our children this way, while at the same time demanding high standards of learning, development and behaviour?

Let’s be clear, I’m a tad extreme when it comes to my thoughts on processed food. I know that for most of you, life without the convenience of ready to go snacks feels overwhelming and well…weird! And that’s OK!

By opening your eyes to what’s in various food products, you can fuel your child’s body for success by simply switching to safer brands.  Think packaged food of the premium variety.

Below is a comparison of 3 varieties of rice cracker. As you will see from the ingredients, not all products are created equal.

Sakata Plain Rice Crackers

Ingredients: Rice, Vegetable Oil, Salt

Ok, so there’s no vitamins or minerals to be found but there’s no nasties either (be mindful that there can be unlabelled additives contained within vegetable oil, however, this brand get’s the all clear).

Fantastic Original Rice Crackers

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Seasoning Powder (sugar, salt, soy sauce powder (contains hydrolysed wheat (gluten free)), flavour enhancers (E627, E631), Vegetable Oil (contains soy antioxidant (E306).

What the…?? Not fantastic by any stretch of the imagination! For a product that is comparable to the first, a plain rice cracker, it has lots of unnecessary nasties, doesn’t it?

Sakata Classic Barbecue Rice Crackers

Ingredients: Rice, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Spices (paprika, chilli), Salt, Vinegar Powder, Whey Powder, Dextrose, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavours, Tomato Powder, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Food Acids (lactic acid, citric acid), Soy Sauce Powder, Natural Colour (paprika extract).

Do I even need to comment?

My conclusion? Stick to Sakata Plain Rice Crackers, learn how to read ingredient labels, swap brands and vote with your dollar.

To help you on an additive-free journey, two invaluable resources are Additive Alert (for the ‘why’ learners) and the Additive Free Shopping Guide (for the ‘tell me what to buy’ folks).


Over to you, what swaps are you going to make in your pantry?

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