Top Reads for Parents

Parenting is the most confusing journey you’ll ever take.

As Mums and Dads, we want to provide the best life possible for our children. Yet we often don’t have a clear picture of the actions we need to take, in order for this to naturally unfold.

There’s no shortage of advice. The trouble is that it’s inconsistent. Our family may tell us one thing, our friends another and the experts something different again. Some of the advice may really resonate. But the rest just doesn’t speak to who you are as a person, who you are as a parent, or it simply isn’t a match for that unique child in front of you.

It’s time to get back to basics. It’s time to keep things simple.

In this blog post I’m sharing my top reads for parents. While a range of topics are covered, the key message remains the same; give your child freedom to move, an abundance of play, good fuel, unconditional love, as well as the trust that he or she will seek out what is needed for their developmental progression, at the pace that’s right for them.

So here it is,  your cheat sheet. Read what you need at this moment in time, then bookmark the post for later reference. Keep things simple, remember?


Guidance for babies?

Read Supporting new life one day at a time

Read The #1 thing all babies need

Read The Journey Towards Postural Control

Read How to get crawling in motion

Read 6 reasons to embrace crawling


Still toilet training?

Read The mess of toilet training


Time to play?

Read 9 Games worth playing

Read 5 fun ideas for science discovery play (using stuff you already have)

Read Make today a sensory play day

Read 8 Reasons we need to stop academic creep


Challenging behaviours?

Read The dirty on tantrums and meltdowns

Read Behaviour Leaves Clues

Read Could it be the Moro Reflex?

Read 20 ways to get more proprioception


An Anxious Child?

Read Healing Anxiety

Read How to choose the best setting for your anxious child

Read Selective Mutism


Homework battles?

Read Was I really just on 60 Minutes?

Read Homework Debunked

Read Horrendous Homework

Read The solution to horrendous homework

Read Resistant readers


Unsure of what to say?

Read Are you using your words wisely?

Read Why I didn’t tell her to stop being so silly


Food overwhelm?

Read Turning a blind eye-what are we REALLY feeding our children?

Read Mealtime Mastery


Developmental challenges?

Auditory Processing Disorder – Read What you didn’t know about listening

Speech Delay – Read That little issue with speech

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Read And what about autism?

ADHD – Read Could it be the Moro Reflex?

Poor fine motor skills – Read 4 ways to build your fine motor muscles

To diagnose or not? Read The limitations of a label


Everything going wrong?

Read From surviving to thriving: 8 action steps to help your child

Read When your world starts to break

Read Your phenomenal year of parenting


Need a pep talk?

Read Standing firm in your parenting choices


Are any questions missing that I can write about in future blog posts?

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