Top Reads for Educators

As an educator stumbling across my blog for the first time, there’s a lot of helpful content to consume. But the very nature of being in this profession, of having a million and one things eternally on your to-do list, also means that you don’t have the excess time to leisurely browse through in search of what you need.

In this blog post, I’m sharing my top reads for educators. Scan through the list below in search of what’s relevant to you in this precise moment of time. Then come back to the post whenever you need a touch more guidance.


Working in a room that feels out of control?

Read Restoring the calm within a learning space


Support for those with poor fine motor skills?

Read 4 ways to build your fine motor muscles


Students who aren’t following your instructions?

Read What you didn’t know about listening


Help for a child’s speech development?

Read That little issue with speech


Lots of reversals in a child’s writing?

Read Reversals and what to do about them


Children who can’t tell the time?

Read Why she still can’t tell the time


Aren’t sure how to use fidget toys well?

Read Fidget toy or focus toy?


Students who are rough, aggressive or biting?

Read 20 ways to get more proprioception

Read Could it be the Moro Reflex?


Thinking about getting started with academics in child care or preschool?

Read 8 reasons we need to stop academic creep


An anxious student?

Read Selective Mutism

Read How to choose the best setting for your anxious child

Read Healing Anxiety


Want to get more movement into the day?

Read 5 simple ways to boost the movement in your classroom

Read Movement


Guidance for Move to Learn?

Read From rolling to gliding

Read 7 ways to breathe

Read Move to Learn: The teachers talk


Homework Help?

Read The Facts on Homework

Read Was I really just on 60 Minutes?

Read Homework Debunked

Read Horrendous Homework

Read The solution to horrendous homework

Read Resistant readers


Feeling frustrated by the system?

Read To the teachers who strive to make a difference

Read How to Teach in a system that’s breaking


Need a tune-up of the basic elements of great teaching?

Read Reflection

Read Connection

Read Movement

Read Collaboration

Read Play


Students who are struggling with their learning, attention, behaviour or wellbeing?

Read more about the primitive reflexes, the potential underlying cause, in my free ebook, available to subscribers.


While this list isn’t exhaustive, I trust it’ll help you find the information you need most. Please keep in mind that I also have 130 podcast episodes for you to tune into (here, or via apple podcasts), covering a wide range of additional topics.


Are any questions missing that I can write about in future blog posts?

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