The 100th Episode

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare celebrates the milestone of 100! She welcomes back previous guests and asks them to share their top tip for helping children thrive.

Here’s a list of the generous experts featured in the episode, with links to their full episode and online home:

Dr Justin Coulson from Happy Families:


Dr Brett Hill from The Wellness Couch and


Deanne Atkinson from Parent with Passion:


Marc Armitage from Malarkey Playwork:


Maggie Dent:


Natalie Smith from Brilliant Boys:


Linda Privitelli from Little Wuppy:


Anna Meadows from Kids Play Space:


Daniel Burton from Educated by Nature:


Trudi Bennett from Educated by Nature:


Paula Burgess from Beyond the Maze:


Jo and Tracey from Sistermixin:


Teacher Tom:



Now it’s your turn, what’s your top tip for helping children thrive?

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