Workshop – Adelaide North – Friday 12 October 2018

Join Clare Crew, educator, speaker and mum, for an inspiring and engaging day of professional development which will help you to understand why less of your students are reaching their full potential and what you can do to help.

Have you noticed any of the following at your childcare, kindergarten or school site?

  • More children who are unable to sit still and focus at group times?
  • Less children who are able to master the basics of coordination, organisation, self regulation and fine motor control?
  • An increase in the prevalence of behavioural and developmental conditions such as ASD, Global Delay, ADHD and Speech Delay?

If you answered yes, the Thriving Children Workshop is just what you’ve been looking for.

Attend this one day of professional development to learn about the primitive reflexes, what they are, why they impact on a child’s readiness to learn and how you can integrate them through the Move to Learn program. You’ll also be filling your toolbox with additional activities to support the optimal holistic development of your students.


The Mawson Centre, 2-8 Main Street, Mawson Lakes, South Australia


Tickets to this workshop include:

  • a resource folder
  • Move to Learn ’10 Gems for the Brain’
  • video files of the movements being demonstrated
  • morning tea

All registrations are to be made via Eventbrite. Manual invoicing is no longer available.


“It was a great day Clare! You’re a terrific facilitator – clear, informed and with a bit of fun too! Highly recommend this day to every educator”.
Lisa Burman, Pedagogical Consultant

“Clare is a powerful, passionate and knowledgeable presenter whose passion for early years education shines brightly through her presentations”.
~ Brett Gent, Kindergarten Director

“Clare has ignited a spark that has changed my teaching and the way I observe and work with children. She has helped answer so many questions”.
~ Vicki McIntosh, Preschool Educator

“Today was THE best training day I have ever had. I have been teaching for 37 years. Thank you Clare”.
~ Sali Brown, School Teacher

Further testimonials from the Thriving Children Workshop can be viewed on Facebook.