Episode 119: Moving Smart with Gill Connell

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare speaks to Gill Connell from Moving Smart, all about the connection between movement and learning.

Gill is an educator and child development authority who has a wealth of information to share. You’ll love this one!


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  1. Are you happy for us to share this on our kindergarten Facebook page or website. We just held a ready for school parents evening about the importance of movement

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      Absolutely Sue! All podcast episodes and blog posts on this website are shareable. My heart’s full knowing your families will be hearing this information prior to school entry. It’s so valuable.

  2. Thank you for this podcast. I am an Exercise Physiologist and a mother, I know that movement is important for adults, but do not specialise (yet) in children. This talk reinforces so much that I was intuitively doing with my children and what I thought about one of my children’s in-class ‘behaviour’.

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      So glad to hear you’ve found this episode helpful Michelle. If you didn’t yet spot it, Gill also returned on episode 120 to talk more about the kinetic scale, a tool that pinpoints children’s developmental need for movement at different stages.

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