Episode 111: Talking Technology with Anna & Nat

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare talks about technology with Anna from Kids Play Space and Natalie Smith from Brilliant Boys.

Hear about the impact of screens on behaviour and development (especially before sleep), what children see when we’re staring at our phones, why ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies aren’t always wonderful and so much more!


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  1. Please do not scoff at people not wanting to spend time in there own company, I find it very hard as suffering from grief and anxiety. There are a lot of reasons why people find it hard at certain times in there lives.

    1. Post

      My apologies Jessica. The study itself humoured me, rather than the connection to mental illness. Almost all of the participants prefered to self administer electric shocks than be alone in their own company for a few minutes. And while anxiety and depression are on the rise, it’s not yet something that 98% of the population experience.

      I haven’t always enjoyed my own company, as I too have had anxiety and post natal depression. But one of the key things that helped me to heal was spending time alone, meditating and challenging my negative self-talk. The need to distance ourselves from technology is something that I stand by, especially when we’re people who feel in big ways.

      This episode of the Hurry Slowly podcast is a very relevant addition to the conversation, especially the last 10-15 minutes. The topic is also handled more delicately than what I managed. http://hurryslowly.co/027-mary-mcnaughton-cassill/

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