Episode 108: The girl who doesn’t speak

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare shares openly about her six year old’s struggle with Selective Mustim, an anxiety disorder that restricts her ability to speak in the classroom.

You’ll hear:

  • When it was first identified
  • What progress has looked like in the years since
  • The recent explosion of speech
  • Interventions that have supported her to find her voice at school


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  1. Hi Clare, I would love to speak with you , my daughter has SM and I don’t know other parents with same situation as us. You podcast is fantactic!! Thanks so much. I live in Melbourne.

    1. Post

      Hi Caroline,

      There’s a great Facebook group for other parents of children with Selective Mutism. I think it’s called ‘Selective Mutism Australia’. I can’t check as am having a break from Facebook for the rest of the month! Hope to see you in there one day, Clare

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