Child Screening Consult

Are you looking for answers? And some strategies to follow?

I offer in person sessions for preschool and school age children, screening for retained primitive reflexes. These often remain present beyond babyhood in children who are experiencing challenges with:

  • Concentration

  • Behaviour (such as meltdowns or aggression)

  • Anxiety

  • Coordination

  • Academic learning (especially beyond the age of 7)

  • Motion sickness

  • Lethargy

  • Fine motor skills

  • Handwriting

  • Sensory processing

The session begins with reflex screening and ends with the introduction of integrative movements. When used daily at home (for as little as two minutes), these create positive change via maturation of the brain and body.

Two to three sessions will typically be needed for the incremental completion of your child’s reflex screening, as well as for building a substantial repertoire of integrative movements. However, even one session can support your child’s development, if the recommended daily action is taken.

Consultations for new families are not available at this time, due to a teaching contract in 2018. 

“Clare’s warm, gentle and loving nature made it easy for our son to talk and interact. He embraced her as a friend and thoroughly enjoyed the screening process whereby to him he just saw it as an opportunity to play. Clare’s high level understanding of the primitive reflexes and her ability to identify these was so valuable for our family. We would recommend Clare to anyone who feels that their child is not reaching their full potential in any area of their life”.

Kylie Winterfield

“I’m so thankful there are people like Clare in the world who have sought answers for our children where few dare to look. I deliberated for a year or so about whether my nearly 5 year old’s emotional and social development was normal or whether I should have her assessed by someone. She flew under the ‘shy’ radar at kindy. I took her to a screening with Clare and discovered she had a cluster of retained primitive reflexes that were likely the underlying cause of her challenges. We began implementing a program of movement and sensory play in conjunction with chiropractic care. At a remarkable pace, my little girl moved from a world of anxiety, fatigue, meltdowns and overwhelm to a much sunnier disposition of playfulness, inquisitive exploration and moments of pure uninhibited joy. She can now enjoy her childhood. She has settled into her first year of school more readily than we could ever have imagined six months ago as well as suddenly being able to do activities like ride a two-wheeled bike and swim, both of which were challenging only a month earlier.

Throughout Clare’s process our family has felt understood, supported and empowered. We are forever grateful for her wisdom and her passion to help children thrive. Thank you Clare. I wish that every family with the slightest of concern about their child’s development could attend a session with you”.

Amanda Jones

“Thank you so much for your help with my almost 6 year old daughter. We’ve always known there was something holding her back but could never find a diagnosis to explain it. I’m so happy to find that the retained reflexes that she has account for pretty much all of her quirks and that we can do something about it! 

I highly recommend a screening to anyone whose child is struggling with any kind of movement/learning/behaviour/emotional issues. It is money well spent.  Thank you Clare!” 

Susannah Byrant, Midwife and Mum. Adelaide Hills Postnatal Support.