Baby and Toddler Consult

A Baby or Toddler Consult is an in-person session, where you will be taught several movements from the Rhythmic Movement Training program. When used daily at home, these movements will assist in your child’s healthy brain development.

This service is ideal for babies or toddlers who have any of these early risk factors for retained primitive reflexes:

  • Breech Presentation

  • Low Muscle Tone

  • Premature birth

  • Difficulty holding the head up when held or laying on the tummy

  • Late to crawl

  • An unusual crawling style or a bottom shuffler

  • Complications during the pregnancy (gestational diabetes, growth restriction, high stress)

  • Complications during the birth (caesarean, induction, forceps/ventouse)

  • Family history of developmental challenges

  • Head banging or biting

  • Becomes overwhelmed easily by loud noises, bright lights or busy environments

Consultations for new families are not available at this time, due to a teaching contract in 2018. 


“Having learnt much about primitive reflexes through the experience with our eldest child and knowing that our 2 year old also ticks a number of precursors for potential retained primitive reflexes, we booked her in for a session with Clare. Clare has such a beautiful way of working with children of a variety of ages. My 2 year old felt immediately at ease with her. Having found my 2 year old also has a cluster of retained primitive reflexes we are so pleased that through implementing an early intervention movement program, her developmental challenges will be addressed before they ever manifest in issues with social and emotional skills or academic learning.

Throughout Clare’s process our family has felt understood, supported and empowered. We are forever grateful for her wisdom and her passion to help children thrive. Thank you Clare. I wish that every family with the slightest of concern about their child’s development could attend a session with you”.

Amanda Jones