Episode 28: Toilet Training

Are you struggling with toilet training? Or with toilet refusal? In this episode I share with you a different approach to toilet training- the child-led approach. This is when children initiate the transition out of nappies on their own timeline, when both developmentally and emotionally ready. I followed the conventional toilet training approach with my first child and then the child led approach …

7 Ways to Breathe

Breathing well is a learnt skill. And one that I believe our children benefit from at a young age.

Top Reads for Parents

Read what you need at this moment in time, then bookmark the post for later reference.

The Mess of Toilet Training

For Mums, the pressure to get our children out of nappies begins about 5 minutes after their 2nd birthday party.

Mealtime Mastery

As parents, we anticipate that our children will not only eat the food we’ve so lovingly prepared, they’ll also enjoy it.

Make Today a Sensory Play Day!

Many youngsters today are not having enough opportunities to engage in the learning that comes via their sensory system. 

5 Screen Time Swaps

Here are some ideas for keeping the little ones busy without screen time.