Episode 127: Learning Language with Gill Connell

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare welcomes back Gill Connell one final time, to talk about children’s learning of language through interaction and experience. LISTEN IN Links for this episode: Moving Smart website: www.movingsmart.co.nz A moving child is a learning child Move, play, and learn with smart steps Episode 119: Moving Smart with Gill Connell Episode 120: The Kinetic Scale …

Episode 82: Motor Play in the First 12 Months 

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare offers motor play (movement) ideas for the first year of life. Links for this episode: A pictorial guide of how to leave a podcast review Smart Start by Margaret Sasse (I forgot to mention this book but it shares wonderful motor play ideas for the first 5 years) Mu​sic by BenSound.com …

Wrestle with Me?

While play is universal, meaning that children find mutual ground beyond the barriers of language and culture, differing beliefs surrounding play clearly influences what transpires.

On Stage with Clare

This year I had the absolute pleasure of taking part in The Wellness Summit-not as an attendee but as a podcaster.

Move to Learn: The Teachers Talk

Move to Learn is a group based movement program that targets the integration of children’s primitive reflexes (more on that here).

Fidget Toy or Focus Toy?

Fidget toys allow children to ‘fidget’ while you’re talking, while they’re thinking or while enduring an endless school assembly.

From Rolling to Gliding

Move to Learn is a classroom-based movement program which integrates primitive reflexes, helping children to reach their full potential.