Teacher: a must-read book by Gabbie Stroud

It’s 8:35 pm. I’ve just turned the final page of a book that everyone in education needs to know about, Teacher by Gabbie Stroud. Usually I plod through non-fiction at a snail’s pace. Yet it was only three days ago that I bought the last copy at our local bookshop – a record breaking pace matched only when my fictional …

Episode 60: Curriculum Relevance with Charles Fadel 

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare interviews global education thought leader Charles Fadel. They discuss: Why the education system is no longer meeting the needs of today’s children or tomorrow’s workforce What skills and qualities we need to foster in students, in order to better prepare them for the future Adopting a ‘growth mindset’ in our classrooms-is …

Episode 56: NAPLAN And Why It’s Irrelevant 

In this solo episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare answers a question that she gets asked a lot, what is the best age to start school? The answer is of course unique to each child. It’s more about their developmental readiness than how many candles are on the birthday cake. Clare shares three considerations for when you’re pondering this …

Episode 45: Arvo With Alfie 

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare shares her recent experience of hearing Alfie Kohn speak in Adelaide. His talk was called ‘Punished by Rewards’. “The basic strategy we use for raising children, teaching students, and managing workers can be summarized in six words: Do this and you’ll get that. We dangle goodies in front of people in …


I’m not a fan of NAPLAN. In fact, many teachers aren’t. And the same can be said for hundreds of parents out there.

Winners & Losers

The idea that there are winners and losers within a group of learners is really confronting.

A Breath of Fresh Air at Green School

Green School…Have you heard of it? It’s a magnificent school setting in Bali, receiving worldwide attention for its natural bamboo classrooms and holistic child-centered learning