Episode 127: Learning Language with Gill Connell

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare welcomes back Gill Connell one final time, to talk about children’s learning of language through interaction and experience. LISTEN IN Links for this episode: Moving Smart website: www.movingsmart.co.nz A moving child is a learning child Move, play, and learn with smart steps Episode 119: Moving Smart with Gill Connell Episode 120: The Kinetic Scale …

Episode 53: Visual Processing With James Sleeman

What is the field of behavioural optometry all about? How is reflex development, nutrition and vision connected to learning? These are some of the many questions I ask James in this chat, an optometrist who has an incredibly holistic approach to helping children reach their full potential. Links for this episode: Sleeman Optometry Website Clare’s Website Clare’s Facebook Page How …

On Stage with Clare

This year I had the absolute pleasure of taking part in The Wellness Summit-not as an attendee but as a podcaster.

What’s Visual Processing?

Sight is what we can see. This is often one of the first areas of investigation if a child is falling behind academically.

Developing Dominance

Dominance is a developmental milestone that emerges, usually around age three, to streamline communication between the brain and body.

Episode 11: Language Development 

Language development is integral to leading a full life, yet it is an area that many children struggle. Hear about the three areas of language development, receptive, expressive and articulation. And then learn why traditional remediation may not be the best first move. Links mentioned in this episode: www.movetolearn.com.au www.rhythmicmovement.org Music by BenSound.com LISTEN IN

Fine Without My Midline

The midline wall is best described as an imaginary, invisible line down the centre of the body.