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A higher number of youngsters than ever before are experiencing developmental hiccups. Challenges with speech, coordination, behaviour, sensory processing, and academic learning (just to name a few), are increasingly prevalent. As parents and educators, we often remain in the dark about how we can support the children in our life to reach their full potential. I used to feel the same way, desperate to help but never finding more than band-aid solutions.

This is a website where you’ll find an abundance of practical information about child development. Blog posts and podcast interviews that dive into the core ingredients that all children need to thrive, as well as strategies and advocacy for those who need it most-those with additional needs.

“Clare has ignited a spark that has changed my teaching and the way I observe and work with children. She has helped answer so many questions”. Vicki McIntosh, Educator

Clare’s Story

I’m an Early Childhood Educator who decided to complete a Masters Degree of Special Education in order to better meet the needs of the students in my care. It was helpful, sure. But it wasn’t until I became a mum myself, that I became aware of a critical component of child development, the brain-body connection.

The missing link for so many children (including my own once upon a time), I now share a simple and proactive message; children need more movement and play in the early years of life. And when we’re able to deliver this, children begin thriving.

I live in South Australia with my hubby and three children, aged 7, 9 and 11. Reading, writing and speaking are three of my favourite things.

“Clare has a beautifully gentle way with kids and my daughter now has another person to support her in her learning journey”. Renee Bowman