Episode 98: Tool Use with Educated by Nature

In this episode of the Thriving Children Podcast, Clare speaks with Daniel Burton and Trudi Bennett from Educated by Nature. In their second appearance on the podcast, Daniel and Trudi share their knowledge about tool use, how and why saws and hammers are used within their nature education programs, as well as the brave steps parents and educators can take to give their children thrilling experiences such as these.

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  1. What an excellent overview of using various types of sharp and real-life tools
    A deeper insight into providing experiences for children of today to rekindle or give children a taste of the artisan methods of exploring hand-tools.

    in 10/17 I did the workshop with Trudi on Carpentry for Kids, the Power to Transform.
    Although I grew up on a farm and retain lots of the hands-on learning, it was amazing to hear the different perspectives on helping children to learn – safe methods and self-assessments.

    1. Post

      Thanks so much for your comment Jo, I’m glad you enjoyed listening in. With your previous experiences, both as a child and adult, I’m sure you’ll continue to share a positive message about tool use and risk vs safety.

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