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In addition to recording 120+ episodes of the Thriving Children Podcast, did you know that I’ve appeared as a guest on eight other shows?

You can find each episode in your favourite podcast player, or by clicking on the title of each episode in this blog post.

In no particular order, here they are…


Ditch Homework for More Play – All About Autism Podcast

Do our kids actually need homework? Is it really doing them any favours? In many cases it just adds to the after-school stress and meltdowns.

All about Autism is a podcast by Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Rhiannon Crispe from Homebase Hope.


Powerful Play – Meaningful Motherhood Podcast 

What are your thoughts on play? Do you consider yourself a playful mother? Or is play something purely reserved for the kids in your household?

Meaningful motherhood is a podcast by Occupational Therpist and Woman’s Health Advocate, Sarah Hausler from Bloom Wellbeing.


Integrating Parenting and Teaching – Teacher Wellbeing Podcast

Clare shares with us some of the ups and downs on her journey of parenting and integrating that with her role as an educator, being still a great teacher while having some energy left for your own children. 

Teacher Wellbeing is a podcast by Ellen Ronalds Keene from Self-Care for Teachers.


More Play = Smarter Students – Faster than Normal Podcast

We’ve said it before here on Faster Than Normal: Movement, play, creativity – All things children today don’t get enough of in their daily lives. Yet again, another guest shows us just how detrimental a lack of play and creativity can be, and how beneficial an overdose of it is!

Faster than Normal is a podcast by entrepreneur Peter Shankman, about working with and embracing the gifts of ADHD.


Thriving Children – The Whole Circle Podcast

Clare talks about events throughout her life that have fueled her passion for early education and improving food choices, including challenges overcoming her own infertility. We explore how homework has been shown to do more harm than good and options you can take if you don’t notice the benefits of homework for your children.We also dive into interesting discussions on the topic of primitive reflexes. 

The Whole Circle Podcast is by sisters Tracey and Joanne, who have brilliant resources, recipes and products for those seeking an Additive Free Lifestyle.


How Children Thrive – That Paleo Show

A conversation about helping children thrive, by understanding the neurology of the brain, primitive reflexes, the importance of movement and the benefits of chiropractic care.

That Paleo Show is a podcast by Chiropractor and Wellness Advocate, Brett Hill.


Why Thriving Mums are More Likely to Have Thriving Children – The Supermum Podcast

Your natural mothering instinct usually means you put your childrens’ needs before your own. But sometimes that can be to your – and their – detriment. Looking after yourself first helps you to be a better parent and a more positive role model to your children.

The Supermum Podcast is a show by Lisa York, a mama in the trenches.


Episode 21: Clare Crew – Unleash your Gene-ius Podcast

If you have wondered how you can give your baby the best start to life, how you can support your childs individual needs and allow them to reach their full potential or feel like you have missed a piece of the puzzle in your own adult life then tune in to listen to Dr Brian and Clare Crew answer your questions.

Unleash Your Gene-ius is a podcast by Chiropractor Dr Brian Peterson and Wellness Coach, Yvette Peterson.


Photo by Melanie Pongratz on Unsplash

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