6 Podcasts Educators Will Love

I’ve been a fan of podcasts for many years now, and podcasting myself for two.

In iTunes there’s an abundance of shows about business, health and even knitting. But I’ve struggled to find podcasts that I love within my own profession, education.

This year however, via happy accident and personal recommendation, I’ve found a collection of shows that stretch my thinking about child development, respectful practices and education policy.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing them with you.

The Early Education Show

Hosted by Liam McNicholas, Leanne Gibbs and Lisa Bryant, this show has a focus on advocacy in the early education and care sector. It keeps me up to date with matters concerning young children, summarising events from the media and politics. Sounds serious doesn’t it? That it is, yet also highly engaging.

Teaching with the Body in Mind

This podcast is perfection on a plate for me. In short weekly episodes, four early childhood educators record their reflective conversations about all things movement and learning.

Unruffled: Respectful Parenting with Janet Lansbury

It may have a parenting spin but this podcast is ultimately about children, making it highly relevant for educators too. In each episode, Janet answers listener questions about challenging moments, always with a deep respect for the child. She’s both empathetic and practical in her responses. I highly recommend the podcast for anyone working with under fives.

Your Parenting Mojo: Research-Based Ideas to Help Kids Thrive

Jen Lumanlan, the host of this podcast, loves research. The topics she discusses are of deep interest to me, and likely, anyone with young children in their life. And the best part? She’s done the hard work delving into the studies, pulling out the bits worth sharing.

Sparkle Stories

These are my favourite audio stories for children. Gentle and values-rich, told by master storyteller, David Sewell McCann. As a family, we have a Sparkle Stories subscription, meaning that we can access hundreds of stories anytime, anywhere. They’re lovely to use at home and in the classroom.

The podcast is a free way to hear one new story per week, a little taster to share with the children in your life.

Thriving Children Podcast

Well, I can’t miss this opportunity to mention my own show, can I? My weekly podcast covers a range of child development topics, with a blend of solo episodes and guest conversations.


What are your favourite podcasts about children? And for children?

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